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Your partner in creating cozy and stylish car interiors. We provide professional upholstery and automotive interior restoration services.

We believe that a car is not just a means of transportation, it is an expression of your personality.

We pay great attention to even the smallest details to ensure perfect execution and durability of our work.

Seat trim Lux-Salon Company

We provide high-quality seat upholstery that guarantees comfort and creates an elegant appearance for your vehicle's interior.

Custom Design: We rely on your individuality to create a unique design for your seat upholstery. Our designers are happy to work with you to take into account your preferences in the following parameters:

Color: Choose a color that matches your style and matches the color scheme of your vehicle.

Finishes: We provide a variety of finishing options including contrast stitching, perforations, embroidery and other decorative elements.

Model: Depending on the type of seat (sport, comfort, etc.), we will offer a design that is suitable specifically for your type of seat.

Quality, comfort: Our craftsmen are seat upholstery professionals who pay great attention to detail and quality. Sheathing is carried out taking into account the following aspects:

Seat upholstery in our company is a guarantee of obtaining a high-quality, comfortable and stylish interior for your car. We focus on the individuality of each client to meet the highest standards and expectations. Let us create seats for you that combine elegance and functionality.

Real Leather

If you prefer a luxurious and classic look, real leather is a great choice. It gives the seats a sophisticated and premium look and also provides the highest level of comfort.

Faux leather

Faux leather is a more economical alternative to real leather, but it can also create a stylish and elegant interior. It is easy to care for and durable.


If you are looking for practicality and coziness, then fabric materials may be a good option. They are available in a variety of colors and textures.


Ceiling Cladding Lux-Salon Company 

Headliner service is an art in creating unique and stylish interiors for your car. We pay great attention to every detail to create a headliner that truly looks like a work of art and enhances your vehicle's individual style.

Materials and finishing: When covering the ceiling, we use only high-quality materials and offer a variety of finishing options.

Finishing Elements: We also offer a variety of finishing elements such as decorative seams, wood or metal inserts to create a unique style.

Headliners are a way to add unique style to your vehicle and create an interior that reflects your personality. We are ready to work with you to transform your car's ceiling into a true work of art.

Color Solutions

We will select color combinations that are in harmony with the color scheme of your car and emphasize its style. We can add unique patterns, embroidery or decorative elements to make your ceiling truly unique. You can also add different colored bets and sparkles.

Lighting Effects

We also provide the ability to integrate lighting effects into the headliner. This can be illumination of the starry sky, backlighting in the form of stripes or creating ambient lighting. These effects will add magic and comfort to the interior of your car.

Quality, Durability

As with our other services, quality and durability play an important role in ceiling cladding. We use only the best materials and techniques to ensure that your ceiling retains its appearance and structure for many years to come.

Door trim Lux-Salon Company

Door trim is the process of giving your car's door panels a new appearance, improving sound insulation and increasing interior comfort.

Materials and finishing: We use high-quality materials when covering doors and offer a variety of finishing options.

Door trim is a way to give your car a unique style, improve comfort and sound insulation of the interior. We create doors that combine elegance, functionality and personality for your vehicle.


We offer a variety of finishing elements, such as decorative inserts made of wood, metal or plastic, to create a unique door style. We select color combinations that harmonize with the color scheme of your car and highlight its style.


Door trim also improves cabin sound insulation, making your ride more comfortable and quiet. We use specialized materials and techniques to reduce external noise and vibration and create a custom design for each client.

Quality, Durability

We guarantee high quality and durability when covering doors. Our technicians have experience working with a variety of vehicle types and materials to ensure your new door trim is durable and resistant to wear and tear.


Advantages of choosing Lux-Salon Company

Professional craftsmen: Our craftsmen have extensive experience in the field of upholstery and restoration of car interiors.

Individual approach: We listen to your wishes and strive to bring your ideas to life.

High Quality Materials: We use only the best materials to ensure our work is durable and stylish.

Modern equipment: We have modern equipment and follow the latest technological trends.

If you are looking for professional car upholstery and interior restoration services, contact our company. We will be happy to help you create a cozy, stylish and individual interior for your car.


Our company is constantly developing and introducing Smart technologies. With our innovations, you can change the atmosphere in the cabin to suit the mood and preferences of the driver and passengers. This could include programmable lighting, scenting, and climate and ventilation control via a mobile app.

These innovations make the car interior more comfortable, safer and meet the needs of modern drivers and passengers for modern technology and comfort while traveling.



Professional work! My car looks like new thanks to your interior trim. Very pleased with the result! Thanks recommend!

Professional and friendly staff! I was pleasantly surprised by their attention to detail and their ability to transform my ordinary car into a true masterpiece.

Thanks to Lux-Salon Company for the great work! The upholstery on my car seats and doors looks absolutely amazing. You made my car unique!

The best choice for car upholstery! Their personal approach and high quality of work make them true masters in this field. I will contact you again and again!

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